Dr. phil. Hans-Michael Klein

Manager of the Knigge-Akademie

President of the "Deutschen Knigge Gesellschaft"


After a craftsmanship education, academic studies of philosophy, psychology and art history. Extended study visits to London, Paris and Barcelona, USA, South America, Ukraine. Voluntary traineeship in various galleries. Extensive sales activities. Manager of two cultural centres, facilitator of the tutorial institute.

More than 40 000 excited participants of  workshops and lectures, more than 1000 interviews in press and radio, several hundreds of articles in the press, 38 TV appearances like at Günter Jauch, Wieland Backes  as well as film partner of Hans-Werner Olm, Elton and Simon, Cindy aus Marzahn; Harald Glööckler and the „Checker“. Media presence, Keynote-Speaker at „Sprecherhaus“ (nationwide knowledge forum) seminars/workshops and speaker for  Deutsche Bank, Hewlett-Packard, Dresdner Bank, Signal-Iduna, Metro, Telekom, Volkswagen further more

13 reference books, lectureship at the university of applied science Nordhessen, at the tecnical university Aachen and the university of Münster.


„Germany’s toughest Knigge-Trainer“ - (MDR-Fernsehen)


„A man of action: entertaining and informative pleasure“ - (Hamburger Abendblatt)


„Knigge-Expert Klein – well versed“ - (Neue Ruhr Zeitung NRZ)


„Dedicated Knigge-Expert“ - (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)


„Commendable“ - (Stiftung Finanztest)


„Rascal, boor, schmuck“ - (Comedian Hans-Werner Olm)


„More cumulative Knigge-Competence - impossible“ - (Hamburger Abendblatt)


„An advisor who gives useful tips“ - (mensch+büro)


„Extremely recommendable!“ - (NDR-Info)


„Assures by extensive factual knowledge“ - (Rheinischer Merkur)


„High intellectual level“  - (wissen.de)


„The Dr Knigge Behaviour-Show reflects perfectly the contrast between reasonable and absurd Knigge rules“ - (Die neue Woche)


„Dr Hans-Michael Klein has been very persuading, which attested the laughing audience“ - (Die neue Woche)         


The Knigge-Expert par excellence“  - (Grafenauer Anzeiger)


The  Behaviour-Expert“ - (Schwäbische Zeitung)


„Informative, professional and humorous“ - (Wein. Kaltern)


„Amusing lecture: exciting and funny“  - (Wifi.Vorarlberg)


„Decisive and humorous at the same time“ - (Nwz online)


„Crème de la crème entertainment" - (Idowa)


„Spontaneous, humorous, self-ironic“ - (Adhoc News)


„He knows how to observe the humans‘ attitude, to analyse them and hand out perfect advice which he transfers nonchalantly and with a twinkle in his eye.“ - (Ernst Schmidt-Dransfeld, Leiter Cornelsen Verlag Scriptor)


„Very interesting and humorous speech“ - (Passauer Neue Presse)

Main training-topics

  • Sales training
  • „Business behaviour“: Knigge for the business
  • Cross Culture : Intercultural  management
  • Customer complaints management
  • Customer orientation
  • Communication training: rhetoric, conduct of negotiation etc.
  • Conflict management
  • The art of „presentainment“: presentation techniques 
  • Psychology in the business
  • Telephone training (in-and outbound, acquisition, sales, call centre, etc.)