Executives expect from their employees not only professional qualifications but moreover a high degree of confident and classy demeanor. People are expected to act courteous and professional since they can be considered as the business card of a company.

Business etiquette shows respect and helps to improve important business relations. 
Guests with crude manners during dinner or plump dialog partners will not get invited a second time. 

Successful performance includes proper greeting, the correct form of address, cultivated small-talk as well as the proper handling of flatware.  


In the past it was commonly believed that hard work, intelligence and expertise, will accelerate careers.  Nowadays the focus is on individual and personal appeal - the first impression. We always communicate, verbally and non-verbally.  More than 90 percent of the perception is based on feelings. It is quite amazing, in fact, that 55 percent of our appearance is body language, wardrobe, status symbols and smell.
The sound of our voice makes up for 38 percent whereas the content of what is said a mere 7 percent. 

The surprising outcome of a study states that appearance, behavior and natural sovereignty are more important to carve out a career than all testimonies. 
 And: Children coming from a good home accustom themselves faster and easier to (business) etiquettes.


Proper etiquette is essential – but: No exaggeration! Good behavior comes with intelligence, culture and style.


It is quite bold. Manners have to be learnt and controlled. However, learning the skills of proper etiquette and manners is not enough. 
The perfect combination is: “own style + good manners + esprit”
Etiquette is not to be regarded as a value for itself but rather as the key to success. We definitely need it to thrive through live.


Stiffness, unnaturalness, and disguisedness – who thinks, this is what etiquette is about is definitely wrong. Managers jawing good manners, style, and etiquette often act cold and calculating. Despotism, success at any cost, and careerism entirely contravenes the principles of etiquette!

Our believe...  

  • Good behavior is an important instrument of self-marketing.
  • Knowing the rules of etiquette is the basis of personal "impression management".
  • Naturalness and authenticity have priority. Good manners are just the necessary basics.
  • Pure formalism is nonsense. Refined spiritual cultivation is of utmost importance.
  • Instead of formal perfectionism elbow behavior; honesty, discipline, social attitudes, ethical behavior are key success factors.
  • Back to the roots of etiquette: Enlightenment humanism.
  • Stay with me!
  • Train not your smile, but your heart!
  • Put an end to overwhelmingly rigid etiquette!
  • Buiness-Talk (office lingo) and affected demeanor must be followed by the etiquette police!